Microsoft have announced that they are introducing a SharePoint app bar in SharePoint online that will feature global navigation in your SharePoint modern communication and team sites. 

The app bar once available, will be accessible on the left-hand side anywhere in SharePoint. 

The SharePoint app bar will provide quick access to customizable global navigation as well as other intranet resources, making information and resources readily accessible for users on these sites.

With an expected release of mid-March users will be able to access the SharePoint app bar from the upper left-hand side of the browser on the SharePoint start page and throughout modern SharePoint sites.

Important features:

  • Customizable Global Navigation tab
  • Specific SharePoint app bar tabs cannot be disabled
  • Whilst the SharePoint app bar is currently not available, once available – admin will be add the bar to classic sites

Once the SharePoint app bar has been enabled, 4 tabs will be displayed including; Global navigation, Sites, News and Files. 

The SharePoint app bar improves global wayfinding and dynamically displays personalized content for sites, news, and files.

The app bar features customizable global navigation that leads to important intranet resources. Personalized content, news and files, is driven by Microsoft Graph and cannot be customized.  

N.B. The SharePoint app bar could impact current page customizations, e.g. if you have customized a header and footer using SPFx extensions then the app bar will cover parts of both the header and footer.

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