In order to stay ahead in our ever evolving day to day, organisations need to be well organized and time-efficient and for many businesses, managing digital assets can prove to be a huge challenge. 

Microsoft SharePoint Syntex is an Office 365 service that helps organizations in the form of delivery content services which work the way you need them to. 

Just some of the key features of Microsoft SharePoint Syntex include:

  • Streamlined content processes
  • Content protection and management
  • Content understanding

Organisations need a solution that is able to effectively and efficiently classify the many different document types they deal with in a timely manner, whilst additionally being able to isolate the important information from those documents to make visible to their users.

In Microsoft SharePoint Syntex you are able to create content understanding models and subsequently train them to read documents the way you do. The models automatically classify and tag the documentation to locate it more easily. Microsoft SharePoint Syntex is a time-saving everyday processes which ultimately manages and protects your organisations documentation and information. 

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