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Need 365 automation support? We’ve got you covered

Need 365 automation support?
We’ve got you covered

Transformation as a Service -

Business transformation done for you

Think of digital transformation less as a technology project to be finished than as a state of perpetual agility, always ready to evolve for whatever customers want next, and you’ll be pointed down the right path.
- Amit Zavery,
VP and Head of Platform, Google Cloud

Most businesses are losing enormous amounts of time through inefficiencies and wasted efforts of their team, and the figures are alarming.

If you ask your people how often they experience these issues, you will have you will have some insight into the size of the problem:

  • Can’t find the document they need to perform a task, search drives, folders and emails to find it
  • Once they find the document, they need to verify it is the latest version
  • Entering information about a customer/project/product or service into multiple systems, with inevitable data entry errors
  • Mashing together information from multiple sources to get an holistic view of a customer/project/product or service
  • Reaching out to colleagues when they are not available, playing phone or email tag until they finally manage to connect
  • Interruptions from colleagues causing them to lose focus, and taking 20 minutes to get back on task
  • Being unsure how to use an application or perform a task in that software, and asking colleagues or searching for instructions
  • Wasting time trying various login and password credentials for systems they use infrequently
  • Chasing colleagues for approvals on various requests that they have no directly visibility of
  • Entering information into a Word document or Excel spreadsheet shared with colleagues, then struggling to integrate all the data entered by everyone
  • Having to check with colleagues how a project or delivery is progressing, as they have no access to that information themselves
  • Being confused about which emails are legitimate and which are spam, phishing attacks, social engineering or spreading malware

While we can’t claim to resolve all of these issues completely for you, we can absolutely help you to systematically tackle them to streamline your operationsprotect your data, and provide greater visibility of your organisation’s performance across all departments and functions.

We are now in the era of what many business thought leaders call ‘customer capitalism’, where financial metrics are a poor indicator of future sustainability compared to how much customers love working with you.

 How do you keep your customers happy? A great place to start is by keeping your team happy, and one of the best ways to do that is to elevate their time to working on high-value customer-focused work instead of mundane, repetitive low-value tasks.

 That may sound obvious, and yet recent studies found that up to 50% of working hours are wasted while looking for the information and duplicating work.

Happy employees are central to business success. How could you make your team happier?
- Richard Branson
…a 2018 IDC study found that "data professionals are losing 50% of their time every week" — 30% searching for, governing and preparing data plus 20% duplicating work
- Forbes
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As specialists in business transformation, 365 Solutions Group work with our customers to discover the bottlenecks and logjams in their businesses, identify the manual, mundane tasks and double-handling, and reduce the inefficiencies that cause delays and mistakes.

We talk human  streamline processes  organise your data  challenge your thinking  are specialists 

So you can understand work in flow be efficient stay ahead of the pack achieve excellent results

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