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Trace - what you have, what you need
The purpose of the Trace phase is to review the current situation. Measure the client’s current processes and systems, engage multiple stakeholders to identify the gaps and bottlenecks. It is the start of the project where we understand everything we’re planning to do, all the related elements and resources. 365 Solutions Group ask a lot of questions to discover the root cause of any issues so we are not just treating symptoms. We know the technology and systems really well, so we can occasionally suggest alternative methods and the best priorities for quickest return on investment.

  • Initial meetings
  • Questionnaire
  • Audit Workshop
  • Work Order
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Tell - prepare your team for change
The purpose of the Tell phase is to communicate upcoming change to the business. Inform staff of improvements to their workflow, find their WIIFM (what’s in it for me), and tell users how they will each be impacted. It’s important for any changes to be communicated as happening for the staff of the business and not to them. 365 Solutions Group provide detailed templates for any project that can be forwarded on to all staff in the days leading up to major changes, and include key milestones and ‘feedback’ opportunities throughout the project so that staff can feel involved.

  • Kick off meeting
  • Project Portal
  • Change Management plan
  • Communicate project plan to business
  • Schedule feedback facility
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Test- build the right solution
The purpose of the Test phase is to actually implement the project. Allocate resources, begin the project and implement the improvements. This phase is where all the hard work goes in, and varies from project to project. 365 Solutions Group apply the technologies we develop to the specific business requirements and deliver excellent productivity solutions.
  • Schedule internal tasks
  • Build solutions
  • Report milestones
  • Documentation
  • Sign off
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Train- help your team get value from it
The purpose of the Train phase is to go live with the new developments, increase user adoption and realize the benefits of the implemented solution. 365 Solutions Group work with clients to identify internal champions, train staff, gamify adoption and educate external parties about changes (if they are affected). Change management and training are pivotal to staff adopting a new technology and making the most out of your digital investment. 365 Solutions Group believe in deploying trickle training which allows for short and sweet videos to be available when you need them, in context of the new applications, in additional to optional classroom style training.

  • Training & How to guides
  • Testing Quality Assurance
  • Go live
  • User acceptance testing & feedback
  • Check-ins
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Track - measure success of the project
The purpose of the Track phase is to analyze how the project went, compare return on investment and consider future projects. Measure the impact of changes, gather feedback on the project, look for areas to improve further, and measure utilization of new solutions. 365 Solutions Group compare post-project statistics based on staff surveys with pre-project benchmarked surveys and report on the overall improvement of productivity and saved time. We can also reassess the other priorities and begin a new audit to cycle through the methodology for a new project phase.

  • Overall review. Scope vs outcomes
  • Return on investment & Statistics
  • Testimonial
  • Next phases and improvements

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