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Formed in 2017 to meet a need in the market, 365 Solutions Group exists to help business owners to spend more of their time working on flow on what they went into business to do in the first place.

Nobody launches a business with dreams of spending 20 or more hours a week performing admin tasks (unless they actually start a VA business!), but usually this is what happens when entrepreneurs start growing their business and their team.

Our name reflects what we do, which is that we are a group of enthusiasts building business solutions for our customers within the Microsoft 365, Office 365 and Dynamics 365 platforms, along with the allied technologies of the Power Platform, Azure and Windows.

We choose to specialise exclusively on the Microsoft technology stack as this focus enables us to develop deep practical expertise in each of the applications that drive business efficiency and consistency.

The initial driver for starting the business was simply observing too many projects being delivered with poor results, mainly due to inadequate scoping of business requirements, a focus on meeting the needs to one group of stakeholders (e.g. reporting and insights for Management) while overlooking the needs of others (e.g. insufficient consulting with frontline workers), failure to understand the commercial and technology ecosystem that their solutions would fit within, or a combination thereof.

Another reason that Tristram, the founder of the business, decided to focus on helping entrepreneurs is that many children leaving school, including his own, will have to either work for an entrepreneur or become one, as a lot of the traditional ‘starter’ jobs are being automated our of existence. Giving those small business a better chance of surviving through building a strong foundation of systems and processes is a key way to make this more successful.

Since starting the business and discovering that these drivers alone were not enough to really derive satisfaction from the business, he then signed the business up to B1G1, as well as supporting several other worthy causes, as he came to realise that being a ‘business for good’ is absolutely critical to tackling the biggest issues of the age. There is little point in making lots of money if the world we live in becomes uninhabitable due to climate change and environmental deterioration!

This combination of a desire to deliver excellent solutions with a demonstrable return on investment, to help businesses to operate more efficiently so they can employ more people, and to help attain the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals sustain Tristram and the team when the going gets tough, as the results they achieve are much broader and more important than personal reward and fulfilment, helping to save the planet one project at a time.

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