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Need 365 automation support? We’ve got you covered

Need 365 automation support?
We’ve got you covered



Microsoft Azure is at its core a massive suite of servers hosted in Microsoft’s own data centres, and is a direct competitor to AWS, Google and other cloud hosting providers. Azure also provides a vast array of over 200 tools that incorporate DevOps for applications development, AI (Artificial Intelligence) and machine learning tools, Big Data resources, identity management, facial recognition and much more.

At 365 Solutions Group, we focus on the Azure offerings that most closely align with small and mid-sized businesses, especially virtual servers to replace physical infrastructure in our customers’ offices, DevOps to builds custom solutions, and Azure Active Directory which provides simplified identity management for Microsoft 365 and Dynamics 365 users.
AAD (Azure Active Directory) lets us configure defined user roles, and allocate resources and permissions to those classes of users, so it’s easier to manage who has access to what. For example, instead of allocating access to various SharePoint document libraries for each individual when they start with your business, by having role-based permissions, you assign a role type to a new team member and they automatically ‘inherit’ the appropriate access for their role, excluding them from potentially sensitive information that they should not have access to.

With virtual servers, customers who require their own servers for managing massive files (e.g. video content, CAD files, architectural schematics etc.) but don’t want to have to manage buying, maintain and upgrading servers hosted in their own premises can migrate their content to virtual machines in Azure and outsource all the maintenance, management, power and cooling overheads.

There is so much to Azure, so for more information, feel free to reach out via email, phone call or by booking an appointment with us, and we can talk you through the options that might be a fit for your business. You can also read more here for a high-level overview of what Azure is and does, or here for a comprehensive listing of all the Azure services available.

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