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Need 365 automation support? We’ve got you covered

Need 365 automation support?
We’ve got you covered

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Microsoft 365

As a full suite of cloud-focused business efficiency tools, Microsoft 365 offers a very familiar user interface for most people, and builds on the core offerings of Outlook, Word, Excel and PowerPoint with a suite of collaboration and productivity tools, such as Planner, Power BI, and Teams that allow small businesses to leverage the same efficiencies that were traditionally only affordable to large enterprise customers.

In combination, the apps within Microsoft 365 comprise the Modern Workplace, which means that they enable people to work together from anywhere on any device in ways that work for everyone. The apps are “cloud first, mobile first”, so that you can access them from any device, with everything you do backed up in the cloud, so there is no need to copy documents or spreadsheets from one device to another.

Communication and collaboration are key elements to working remotely and maintaining strong engagement with your team and customers, and this is where Teams and SharePoint come into their own. Teams can replace traditional phone systems and phone lines with high quality VoIP (voice over IP) calls, with built-in video-conferencing, call recording, live event broadcasts, perpetual chat, and a central space for collaborating on tasks and projects. SharePoint is your intranet, and central repository for documents and data, as well as a powerful workflow automation platform.

With greater accessibility, you need tighter security, and Microsoft’s suite of authentication, identity management and device management tools are the best available on the market. From simple MFA (multi-factor authentication) and password-free identity management, to Data Loss Prevention and Cloud App Security, there are options to suit every level of security requirement to protect sensitive data and keep intruders out of your environment.

Some of the highlights

SharePoint Online

Intranet, Shared Document Management, internal forms and registers. SharePoint is ideal for a single source of all data, documents and links used within a business, and is an incredibly powerful tool that can be customized to reflect your exact business requirements, with lots of handy configuration tools out of the box.

Microsoft Teams

‘Single pane of glass’ to other business systems, encased in communication and collaboration. Includes meetings, webinars, perpetual chat, pre-classified internal communications, topic-specific wall posts, embed tabs from other applications. 


Auto-linked to all meetings and Teams, you have notebooks and pages with free-hand drawing text recognition, audio transcription and meeting minutes that can auto add tasks into Outlook or Planner. Embed images and video content for a true multimedia notebook experience.


Trello-like drag and drop task management boards. Includes task assignment to team members, due dates, customizable labels, built around ‘buckets’ of tasks, by team member, by project etc. 

Some of the other cool tools include:


Like Drobbox.

Personal file storage up to 1TB each, and shared access can be controlled via links. Like your local drive, backed up to the cloud.


Like Calendly.

Bookings helps your team and customers schedule meetings, book company events, and send reminders to people you are scheduled to meet.


Like a quick and easy Prezi or PowerPoint.

We are not afraid to say we are ‘thinkers’ before ‘doers’ so please don’t expect us to simply implement our technology systems and processes. We ADAPT, we IMPROVE and we CUSTOMISE to drive INNOVATION, INSPIRATION + POSSIBILITY for your People and your Organisation. Expect us to ask you lots of questions!
We are not here just to ‘Fix Things’, which most of the time, aren’t even broken. We show you a better way of doing things and help you to make it happen.


Like a simplified SurveyMonkey.

Quick click-to-add quiz and form creation for feedback, surveys, polls and automated data entry.


Like a company-owned WhatsApp.

Communicate with unlicensed external users e.g. frontline and shift workers securely, using only a mobile number.

Plus even more applications helping your efficiency. Download this 1-page flyer to see the cost saving by making use of
Microsoft products instead of the popular standalone alternatives from third-party providers.


Previously known as Office 365, Microsoft 365 has plans for Home, Business and Enterprise. The Home version is primarily just the Office apps like Word, Excel and PowerPoint, as well as a personal document management solution in OneDrive. The Business and Enterprise plans are what 365SG generally refer to as ‘Microsoft 365’.
To check what plan you have, try going to both of the following links and logging in: or
The first link will only work for business accounts, and the second link will only work for personal/home accounts. Once you’re in, the portal will tell you which subscription you have.

No. Many small businesses may only have the Microsoft 365 Home subscriptions, which cannot be ‘upgraded’ to the business plans, but instead will need to be cancelled, and a new business environment created. <contact us> to assistance with a new business environment.

No. Although closely integrated, Dynamics 365 comes at additional paid licenses. Learn more on our Dynamics 365 page.

Yes and no. Most of the business plans do include base levels of the power platform tools, but premium features and connections can be purchased separately. Learn more on our Power Apps page.

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