Business needs and issues

  • Due to new complex employment Award legislation changes, ACRRM had to track hours carefully for specific staff members and get approvals for overtime
  • Working remotely around Australia meant an in-person check-in system wasn’t ideal
  • Managers had no knowledge of which staff were working overtime until bi-annual HR report

Solution: Timesheet Power App

  • A new time-sheeting Power App allowed auto-recognized staff to log start, end and break times each day, then submit a summary each pay cycle
  • Simple and easy user interface and navigation required minimal training for users or admins
  • There were reminders for missing data leading up to the pay cycle and escalation warnings to managers if timesheets were not completed
  • SharePoint interface for staff summaries, manager approvals and payroll exports


  • Positive user experience for all staff to easily track working hours from their phone securely
  • Significant time saved from admin team asking for manual guestimates of hours each week
  • Auditable tracking for compliance with new award rate legislation
  • Data-supported easy manager approvals and payroll exports for casual staff hours


Timesheet Power App 1