Business needs and issues

  • Large bins full of specialist cleaning products calls ‘spill kits’ were often used within being restocked, only audited monthly with no way to notify site-management stock was depleting
  • There were dozens of spill kits around the different sites which were frequently moved or lost

Solution: Automatic Inventory Restocking System (AIRS) Power App

  • Each spill kit was fitted with a QR code on the lid and a digital tamper seal that flagged its use
  • A new Power App allowed standard users to scan the QR code, open the app to that specific bin and identify what they were removing form the bin for an always up to date
  • Admin users could also ‘audit’ or ‘restock’ a bin to physically count its contents and update inventory, as well as restock as they went to ensure consumables stock remained high
  • App auto-identifies user’s location based on longitude and latitude – defaulting to ‘offsite’ if not within site coordinates – allows them to change it from a drop down on the home page
  • Admins can also ‘manage’ the registers and see a log of all inventory movement across bins



  • Most importantly, spill kit equipment is there when the team need it
  • Positive user experience for all staff to easily usage with device they already had on them
  • Significant time saved from admin team auditing and ordering new stock because they know approximate inventory levels before they head out to each location
  • Data-supported stock management to reduce waste and fuel advanced reporting