Business needs and issues

  • Each time maintenance is planned or an outage occurs for a unit generating electricity, the rest of the organization and the public trading team need to be aware of an overarching decrease in the generation capacity.
  • Origin Energy had an old system with serious issues affecting data integrity, user experience and compliance

Solution: electronic Generator Capacity Notifications Form (eGCNF) renamed GenCap Power App

  • Recreated a SharePoint hosted site with embedded Tableau and JSON formatted notifications master list with an embedded
  • Power App form that guided them through complex decision trees, logic rules and outcomes with simple user-friendly questions and interface
    Power App form auto-checked for overlapping events of certain rules based on notification type configuration lists
  • Each authorized user – identified by AD groups – has the ability to set their own preferences of notifications based on the different stages, event types and site locations


  • Saved approximately 9000 hours of efficiency time annually by improved system
    • Approximately 10 administrators saved a day a week fixing up errors
    • Approximately 200 staff saved about 30minutes a week who previously received broken links and incorrect data, by getting accurate and timely data
  • Strengthened data integrity