Business needs and issues

  • Site maintenance engineers do daily operating rounds to check machinery
  • They were reliant on labour-intensive handwritten paper check sheets
    • Long matrixes with lists of all items and potential scenarios were confusing and time-consuming to complete
    • Multiple engineers needed to coordinate closely to not double up or miss tasks across large sites
    • Required additional staff to manually enter-data in office
    • Handwriting was often hard to read leading to inaccurate data
    • Raised issues would take days to reach head office unless manually escalated
    • Carrying paper and pen around worksites was cumbersome and risky
    • Photos of issues were emails later with no context or tracking
  • Management had no way of tracking job sheets completion, accountability or issues

Solution: Microsoft Power App “DORIS”

  • Accessible via tough devices they already had with them
  • Easy-to-use, big buttons for which tick and flick check completion
  • Reduced simplified lists only showing relevant tasks for each section
  • Synchronized completed and remaining tasks in real time across all devices so engineers could collaborate and track easy other progress easily
  • All flagged issues were raised with relevant decision makers instantly and to management via regular digital summaries
  • Offline mode allowed the app to continue to function through connectivity dropouts
  • Photos instantly uploaded and connected to the specific check list
  • New data reporting to management on staff-specific efficiency, completion rates, issue-finding and accountability
  • App’s data fully leveraged SharePoint securely for easy to access background data


  • Time efficiencies (no manual entry, less manual coordination and timely response to issues)
  • Greater compliance (less errors, reduced risks and staff accountability)