Business needs and issues

  • Multiple sites, many volunteers and disabled members performing high-risk activities
  • Incident reports were manual paper based
  • Identifying potential hazards were casual emails
  • No reporting, tracking, investigation process
  • Similar incidents occurring require complete new forms to be submitted from scratch
  • Some incidents were private or sensitive in nature, and they couldn’t separate the process

Solution: Microsoft Power App “Eye-Ball”

  • Tablet landscape Power App accessible from all staff phones and venue tablets
  • Ability to lodge Hazards or incidents, with specific risk rating matrix
  • They can duplicate a previously lodged hazard and or incident then change key aspects
  • There is rich data surfaced securely in a SharePoint list so admins can sort, filter and export
  • There is an investigation function for admins to lodge remediating actions and lessons learnt


  • Time efficiencies (no manual entry, less manual coordination and timely response to issues)
  • Greater compliance (reduced risks and data tracking for auditability)
  • Rich data insights and trends