Business needs and issues

  • Construction consulting manages complex projects & contracts multiple partners for tenders
  • Projects’ single source of truth is Business Central which only some staff have access to
  • A lot of manual paper forms and data entry across the business
  • Very manual process each tender to
    • send out tender documents to multiple contractors grouped by discipline
    • create folder structures in SharePoint and folder in Shared mailbox for email filing
    • generate invitation and rejection letters to individual contractors based on the tender
  • Manual tracking of each contractor’s price points, feature comparison and tender submissions and ranking of suitability
  • Manual duplicate data across Business Central, SharePoint and Excel spreadsheets

Microsoft Power App and Power Automates integrating Business Central and SharePoint

  • Complete digital transformation
  • Multiple landscape Power Apps linked off a centralized SharePoint intranet hub
  • Automatic data retrieval and population across folders, templates, emails and Business Central
  • Each process flows into another automatically with minor admin check points along the way
  • Staff and contractor experiences are completely seamless only being told the information they need to know when they need it


  • Approximately 800 hours saved annually in time efficiencies (Admin team’s templates and data entry)
  • Greater compliance (less chance of human error)
  • Rich data insights and trends by digitally tracking contractor submissions and tender scores etc.