At the Microsoft Ignite conference 2019, it was announced that a few of our favourite apps were changing. PowerApps and Microsoft Flow got a name change, and introducing a cool new Artificial Intelligence and bot tool, Power Virtual Agents.

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The New Power Platform

Comparison Of Old N New


PowerApps is now Power Apps

PowerApps has changed its name to Power [space] Apps. Not a big change, but adjusting the branding ties the Power Platform together, and it means partners like us need to update a whole lot of content. The tool is still the same great platform expanding SharePoint forms, and taking your work force mobile.


Power BI has remained unchanged

Power BI as a Business Intelligence tool remains a consistent and dominant part of Microsoft’s Power platform.


Flow is now Power Automate

Microsoft Flow is now called Power Automate. This is a surprising change consider the marketing and push for Flow to-date, however again it’s a clear branding move from Microsoft to better integrate Flow as part of the Power Platform. The tool remains consistent under the hood, continuously changing and growing with new connectors, triggers and actions, it remains one of Microsoft’s fastest growing tools.


Announcing Power Virtual Agents

Power Virtual Agents is the new tool coming to the Power Platform. Power Virtual Agents (PVA) is a new no-code tool for building chatbots. It allows for decision trees, and drag and drop design to develop the brain and decision making behind a chatbot.


Power Virtual Agent is very much focused on the same type of low-code, accessible to anybody, no matter whether they’re a business user or business analyst or professional developer, to go build a conversational agent that’s AI-driven and can actually solve problems for your employees, for your customers, for your partners, in a very natural way.”

– Charles Lamanna, Microsoft

Developed using the existing smarts and technology within Microsoft Azure AI, Power Virtual Agents looks to make designing a chatbot incredibly intuitive, and a streamlined user-experience expected of Modern Microsoft products. The release of Microsoft’s Power Virtual Agent once again gives the power to the organisation, to develop chat bots for any number of operational benefits, including staff onboarding, sales conversations, internal knowledgebase management and more.

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Power Virtual Agents is also coming soon to Dynamics 365 to assist in Customer Relationships Management (CRM) and Sales. Microsoft’s website Virtual Agent coming soon to Dynamics 365

365 Solutions Group are excited to make the most of the Power Virtual Agents tool, taking leading steps in this applications based off existing and implemented Microsoft technology.

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