You may already know SharePoint as a document management system, but there is so much more that it can do for businesses from micro businesses to enterprises. It helps with automated workflows, digitizing paper forms, capturing business intelligence and making content collaboration easy.

We have built a complete document management system and intranet system that you can turn on within days, at a low fixed price, to transform your business processes. Here is a checklist to help you think about other opportunities within your organization for benefiting from SharePoint capabilities.

  • Intranet – team access from anywhere to all necessary policies, procedures, forms and documents.
  • Document Management – need to Marie Kondo your business files, folders and documents?
  • Co-Authoring – improving collaboration and flexible work options for your team.
  • Visibility – ‘Follow’, sync, share documents and create your own dashboards with your key metrics.

The greatest of all the SharePoint benefits is its flexibility. The collaborative platform serves as an intranet, a company’s internal website, for information sharing, task scheduling, contacts, and much more. Administrators can assign different permission levels depending on the users status and manage backup and security settings with ease. SharePoint is customizable to match your branding and suit your needs.  Beyond that, the software has functions for document sharing, file management, social networking, business information, and virtually everything else involved in the day-to-day operations of your business.

Microsoft is always investing in improvements to SharePoint and there have been several released recently. For current SharePoint users, have you suddenly noticed the Spellcheck and Grammar editor function? Although not new, Microsoft has now added the editor function, previously used in Word, to use in SharePoint pages.
Another great enhancement is when searching in Bing, you will now also see results from conversations that you have access to in Outlook email and in Teams. Your search is no longer limited to document content only and so now all that knowledge being shared via Teams chat is retrievable.

  • Viva Topics topic card improvements.
  • SharePoint navigation switcher – choose horizontal or vertical views.
  • For admins – check out the new My Lists icon on the SharePoint app bar and the drop down and navigate functionality for switching between multiple document libraries associated with a team or site.

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