Every business has assets of some kind or another, and most businesses will have fixed assets that need to be maintained or serviced, and eventually upgraded or replaced. Keeping track of those assets and the maintenance schedule for each can be difficult for small businesses, which is why we have developed an Asset Management tool within SharePoint Online. This tool provide you with one place to keep track of all of your fixed assets, with automatic reminders sent to you when action needs to be taken.

This custom-built asset management solution allows your organization to maintain and manage your company assets dynamically within a SharePoint site. Adding and maintaining fixed assets can now be done easily.


Asset Management Homepage Orig


What Does This Solution Offer?

Asset Register

This bundled solution provides an asset register for a range of organizational assets. It provides custom forms for recording general assets, vehicles, devices, machinery, and office equipment. You can attach images to the assets, track and schedule maintenance, as well as assign certain assets (like devices and vehicles) to individual staff. ​

Asset Form Editing OrigMachinery Form Editing Orig

Once the assets are registered, key staff can search and manage business assets easily. With the ‘view’ and ‘filter’ functions that are located at the top right of the asset list, staff can check warranty and insurance information, the purchase price, expected lifespan, and maintenance schedule and logs.

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Asset Maintenance

Another key feature of this bundle solution is the ability to monitor the maintenance schedule and log asset maintenance. This is specifically relevant for vehicles and machinery type assets, but it also can be applied to devices, office equipment, and general assets. Staff can simply filter the view to identify the assets that need maintenance, as shown below.

Require Maintenance 1 Orig

Set Reminders
Alternatively, staff can set an automated reminder for the asset’s next scheduled maintenance with a few clicks. The reminder will be sent to the relevant staff member’s email and prompts them to book maintenance for that asset.

Set Reminder Of Maintenance Orig

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Maintenance Provider
The solution provides a separate list of ‘Maintenance Provider’ for recording the contact details of the maintainers for each asset, which can be internal staff, manufacturers or third-party organisations like the local mechanic. These contacts can then easily be connected to multiple assets when adding or editing assets. When an asset is due for maintenance, the appropriate provider is easily searchable and contactable. ​


What’s included in the SharePoint Asset Management bundle?

This solution is designed as a fixed price solution with a fixed feature set, but it can be customized to suit your specific business needs if required for an additional fee.

  • A new Asset Management sub-site added to your SharePoint environment
  • A simple home page with Quick Links to access the pre-configured forms and reports
  • Custom register forms for each of the different Asset Types listed
  • The configured Asset Register list
  • All Views/Reports listed above
  • Email notification workflow
  • Red highlighting on Asset Maintenance Schedule if an asset’s maintenance date has passed
  • Maintenance Provider contact list
  • Custom ability to resize images when attaching them to assets
  • ‘How to upload asset images’ page linked from home page
  • User guides for admin users and general users

​​365 Solutions Group have developed custom applications within SharePoint for years and have packaged up a few of the most frequently requested pages and features to kick-start your SharePoint adoption for a fraction of the cost of developing the same things from scratch. Please contact us to find out more. ​​