An efficient induction process not only helps new employees complete the on-boarding process with the best possible start, it also saves the HR team time and hassle with tasks that can be automated by a purpose-built system. This Human Resources Induction System (HRIS) within Microsoft SharePoint offers you exactly that solution.

Our custom-designed HRIS platform guides staff through company induction in a simple and user-friendly manner. The design of the platform is straightforward, with frequently used features such as Induction PoliciesSkills MatrixStaff FAQs, and Leave Request displayed directly under Quick Links. The Key Contacts of the HR team and Weather widget are displayed on the Home Page, providing staff some quick access to useful information.  ​​

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On their first day, new staff members are usually required to read the employer’s policies as the first step of their induction. The HRIS system allows the HR team to set interactive questions and answers for each policy. The new employee answers the questions after reading each policy document. Once the answers are submitted, the staff member can immediately check how successfully they answered them, and the results are collated into a report for the HR admin staff to review.

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Induction Progress at A Glance
The next step is checking the induction progress report. Staff can read their individual induction progress by looking at the induction report, induction tasks and completed tasks that are neatly displayed on their individual HRIS Home Page, so they can easily identify which policies they still need to complete. Each employee can only see their own results and progress against allocated tasks, while management can report across each policy and each staff member.

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Skills Matrix
Have you ever wished to evaluate your skill set against requirements for other positions in the organization? With the Skills Matrix, each employee can check which skills they need to acquire in order to qualify for other positions, while HR admins can search for the most suitable candidates to train for advancement, which is very useful for succession planning.

Note: The skills matrix is dependent upon users entering their skills into the My Skills list within the system.

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Search by Jobs
For example, you want to compare your skills to the requirements for becoming a Developer. You can choose the Developer role, then click Search. The result shows that you are a 100% match for the requirements to be a Developer, which are listed against the role for clarity.


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Search by Setting Threshold
You can search for all positions that may be a fit for you by setting a threshold for skills matching. In this example, where a 50% threshold is set, the employee has the skills to be a Developer and shows which additional skills are required to become a Consultant.


Management Page

There are many useful tools within the Management page to help HR management staff to  improve employee engagement. The Notifications and Insights section provides managers a quick view of the induction completion summary, such as which staff members have not completed the induction process, and the most frequently failed questions against each policy. This information helps the HR team to identify policies that could be worded more clearly, for example, and the average tome for employees to complete the induction process.


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Guided Configuration
Three easy steps guide the HR management to set up the induction.

  1. Upload policy documents from a local drive or file server location, or ‘drag-and-drop’ files from Explorer
  2. Add relevant questions to the question bank and configure correct answers
  3. Assign induction tasks and set deadlines for new staff members

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Setting Induction Tasks
Multiple choice and open questions can be set based on the needs of the induction tasks. For multiple choice questions, HR managers can set up to five choices of answers; for open questions, a similarity level can be set to allow for matching of answers to those set as being correct. 

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Certifications Register
Staff members’ certificates can be managed in one place. HR Managers can add new certifications and modify existing certifications. The system will send users an email reminder before the certificate expiry date. The Expired qualifications section shows the staff qualifications that are expired. 

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Job Descriptions
HR managers can upload their job description files in this Admin page. This page also provides a search function that managers can:

  1. Search a list of staff names that meet the position requirement
  2. Search a list of positions that the current staff can meet
  3. Compare the selected staff skills to the position requirement

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What’s included in the SharePoint HRIS Bundle?

This HRIS bundle includes the following: ​

  • A new HRIS sub-site added to your current SharePoint site and accessible from the navigation
  • A simple modern HRIS home page with Quick Links
  • A configured policy library to upload your policy documents
  • An Induction page with your selected policies
  • A Reports page with 5 views
  • Applied user permission levels up to 3 groups
  • User manuals for employees and HR admins
  • A Certifications Register page
  • A Skills Matrix page
  • A Job Descriptions page
  • A Leave Approvals page
  • Interview and employee note linking to OneNote
  • BONUS linked employee list, docs and summary page
  • BONUS HR calendar events

​365 Solutions Group have developed custom applications within SharePoint for years, and have packaged up a few of the most frequently requested pages and features to kick-start your SharePoint adoption for a fraction of the cost of developing the same tools from scratch. Each bundle has different limitations, client expectations, and system requirements.

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