Microsoft have announced a new release within Microsoft Teams that allows tenant admins to upload their company logo to the Teams admin portal so it appears on the meeting pre-join and lobby screens for meetings organized by members of their tenant.

So what does this mean for your organization? The update will allow users who join your meetings a branded experience distinctive to your tenant. It’s important to note that this new feature is part of the Advanced Communications licence, meaning the logo will appears only if the meeting organizer has the licence.

The feature has been implemented as a meetings policy to give tenant admins choice and the flexibility to apply the logo to certain members or globally.

  • Multiple logos can be uploaded at once, allowing you to assign different logos to different people of groups
  • Users will have an options to preview how the logo looks prior to it being uploaded

​Manage customization policies

Custom Branding 1 Orig

Customer lobby meeting customisation

Custom Branding 2

Custom lobby preview

Custom Branding 3 Orig

The logo will be viewable by users joining on desktop, web and mobile with a rollout timeframe of late July.

This one of many cool features that are being rolled out by Microsoft regularly, and we help our customers to keep up with the improvements so they can make the most of them as they are released.

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