Microsoft Viva, is the first Employee Experience Platform (EXP). Viva brings together communications, knowledge, learning, resources, and insights into an integrated employee experience that builds on the foundation of Microsoft Teams to empower people regardless of their location. 

Microsoft Viva can be separated into 4 sections:

​Microsoft Viva Topics – automatically organize content and expertise across your organization, making it easier for people to locate information. Users can now enable faster learning, connections and innovations with information easier than ever to locate. Microsoft Viva Topics uses AI technology to connect, manage and protect knowledge and expertise, delivering them across Microsoft 365.

According to Knowledge Sharing in a Changing World – Spiceworks/Ziff Davis, commissioned by Microsoft, 2021 – 60 minutes is the amount of time people spend about an hour or day or up to seven weeks per year searching for or recreating information! 

Microsoft Viva Connections – engagement experience driven, aimed to keep everyone to keep everyone engaged experience driven, aimed to keep everyone engaged and informed. Using Viva Connections, users are able to shape workplace culture and nourish connections which ultimately allow employees to thrive in their environment.  

Microsoft Viva Learning  – through employee training, employees are able to reach their full potential uninterrupted. Viva Learning will be releasing a preview of the platform in April so stay tuned! According to Leading in Learning, Bersin by Deloitte – currently only 1% of employees use their workweek to focus on learning new skills! 

Microsoft Viva Insights – in order to improve productivity and wellbeing, Viva insights uses privacy-protected insights and recommendations to assist users in order to maximise their efficiencies. 

All in all Microsoft Viva aims to empower both employees and employers to flourish, regardless of location or circumstance through data-driven insights, delivered virtually to keep up with the challenges the workplace faces in this online age.

Powered by Microsoft 365, Viva empowers its users and encourages growth, communication and success!