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Some companies pay top dollar for tools and apps like Trello, DropBox and Evernote – in fact a monthly subscription to the most well-known applications can cost a staggering total of around $182 per month!

But why waste all that money when an Office Business Premium subscription gives you access to all its comparable apps (Planner, OneDrive, OneNote etc) for just $17.20 a month? That’s a massive saving of $164.80 – every month, for each and every staff member.

Not only will you save money, but the Office apps are designed to work together for seamless integration, which provides a much simpler user experience. This is also a more secure solution, as you’ll only have one login and password to manage for each user.

Don’t be afraid to make changes, 365 Solutions Group will guide you through the migration process, and can provide training for end users to encourage adoption, if required.

Download our comparison table below to find out more!